Vataga Lab is a startup providing quality and innovative solutions to our customers in software and hardware areas. Vataga Lab implements solution in Retail automation, 3D vision , linguistic analysis, deep learning classification domains.

3D Shop

30 mins of one person worktime to have new 3D product environment on air:
from the idea to getting first clicks! Click the picture below to see the demo.
Russian version


the problem is:

Marketing or advertisement dept. employee cannot make new visual 3D environment quickly by (him/her)self
Usually it requires interactions with some people: photographer, graphic designer, web programmer.


our 3DShop ecosystem allows the one to prepare 3D Shop or 3D Landing in 30 mins of work time.
Lets calculate together:
5 mins: to create 3DGoods media staff for your product using our 3DGoods solution
5 mins: click and upload 3D Panorama/ You’ll need any 3D Cam for that (we use $70 Samsung Gear360 2016)
10 mins: Select visual template and desired 3DGoods media staff from your library on our cloud and create the scene
10 mins: Play with the project to correct any stuff before publising and select traffic buying options (you can use the link to collaborate with any 3rd party
incoming traffic sources)


Whisky 3D Shop

The same video in Russian

Bear toy 3D view

Internet shops can’t prepare visual stuff regarding goods on virtual shelf in efficient manner. We’re going to implement automatic HW solution to prepare not only photoset of the good but also 3D model, measuring precise weight and dimensions during the same session. All this data is necessary to

1st: expose goods on website

2nd: plan delivery logistic

3rd: merchandise real shops properly and efficiently

Spreading this equipment among the customers and making the scanning activity profitable for customers we can obtain rapidly growing planet wide storage with all the goods’ info which can be got from there just by barcode. We will host all the info on our side isolating internet shops from all the problems with such a huge base holding/operating. So they just put the links to our solution on their web solutions and pay monthly for the service. The equipment is already in production, web service is in development state. contact us to get price.

Maritime Trainer (B2B)

Problem: The level of new marine staff all over the world decreases year to year.

Technical condition of ships is much worse than it was even 10 years ago, which requires much more trained crews onboard to avoid catastrophic accidents and victims. We’re going to introduce AR/VR based training equipment + our own environmental math model which allows customer to simulate grand accident learn cases. This kind of training involves students to accident environments with all the adrenaline shocking, visual, sound, vibra and gravity feeling. It leads to much deeper learning and incomparably more reliable exam results.

Now in MVP state, waiting for the deal.

We established  separate site for this project: